3. identify and use social skills in play and other contexts (BC, SRWB)
4. demonstrate an ability to use problem-solving skills in a variety of contexts, including social contexts (BC, SRWB, PSI)
13. use the processes and skills of an inquiry stance (i.e., questioning, planning, predicting, observing, and communicating) (PSI)
15. demonstrate an understanding of numbers, using concrete materials to explore and investigate counting, quantity, and number relationships (DLMB)
Educators observe, listen, and ask probing questions in order to document and interpret the children’s thinking and learning and, in their interactions with the children, to develop a shared understanding of what they are learning and what the next steps in their learning should be. (The Kindergarten Program, 2016, p.36)

Learning Opportunity or Plan for Provocation

As an initial provocation, watch The Foos (CodeSpark). While viewing annotate the video with commentary, ask questions, pause and reflect with children. After the initial provocation, the next parts of the video may be viewed on an alternate day (based on interest). Discuss the direction the character has to do to complete the task. (Algorithm)

The Foos (CodeSpark)

Provide the opportunity for those children that are interested to explore further. Exploration can be 1:1 or children may be partnered depending on device access.

Student Video Explaining App


Student Video Encouraging Others


Gather participating children back as a group for discussion.
Possible guiding questions:
  • What is an algorithm? (Instructions need to complete a task.)
  • Were there any levels that were challenging to complete ? Why do you think it was challenging?
  • What helped you know what to do?
  • How did you complete a challenging level? (Notice and name the strategies that were used).
  • This provocation could take place over several days based on interest.
  • The number of children completing the provocation may vary depending on their interest.

Kodable App

Bee-Bot App

Teacher Video How This Can Be Used Elsewhere