3. identify and use social skills in play and other contexts (BC, SRWB)

4. demonstrate an ability to use problem-solving skills in a variety of contexts, including social contexts (BC, SRWB, PSI)

13. use the processes and skills of an inquiry stance (i.e., questioning, planning, predicting, observing, and communicating) (PSI)

15. demonstrate an understanding of numbers, using concrete materials to explore and investigate counting, quantity, and number relationships (DLMB)

Educators observe, listen, and ask probing questions in order to document and interpret the children’s thinking and learning and, in their interactions with the children, to develop a shared understanding of what they are learning and what the next steps in their learning should be. (The Kindergarten Program, 2016, p.36)

- SMARTboard (or other interactive whiteboard or projection device)

- iPads or Technological Device with Internet access

- Kodable Online (check login information required, free access provided for 12 weeks)

- Kodable Learning Guide

How To Introduce Coding on the iPads


Learning Opportunity or Plan for Provocation

Invite children to participate in movement activities reviewing the directions forward, back, side, side.

Provide an opportunity for interested children to view Meet the Fuzz Family, a 30 second video to introduce the Kodable App. Annotate, pause and reflect throughout.

Meet the Fuzz Family

Children who are interested can explore the Kodable App on the Interactive Whiteboard (Note: Kodable can play on any platform) or on devices (individual or partner, based on number of devices or interest). Encourage exploration and collaboration of as many levels as possible.

Student Collaboration Video


Children may wish to create their own Fuzz character (paper or digital).

Provide opportunity for children to share their Fuzz character and level they were able to achieve.

Encourage children to explain how they problem solved the maze at each level. (ex. Did they try to do it all at once or did they add their instructions one at a time and play the program to see if they were correct?)

This provocation could take place over several days based on interest

The number of children completing the provocation may vary depending on their interest.

Have children create a series of instructions (algorithm) with symbols to guide their partner through a maze or to complete a series of steps or directions in the classroom (i.e., cleaning the house centre, getting dressed for outdoor recess in the winter, etc.)


Bee-Bot App

The Foos App