• Mathematics: Geometry and Spatial Sense: Graph the image of a point, or set of points, on the Cartesian coordinate plane after applying a transformation to the original point(s)
  • The Arts: Visual Arts: D1.3 use elements of design in art works to communicate ideas, messages, and understandings for a specific audience and purpose
  • D3.2 identify and analyse some of the social, political, and economic factors that affect the creation of visual and media arts and the visual and media arts community
Understanding of the Cartesian plane and terms such as translation and reflection, familiarity with the Elements of Design
These lessons provide opportunities for teachers and students to gather evidence through teacher, peer, and self-assessments; and learning goals and success criteria. See Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, Chapter 4 for more information.
  • Computer data (LCD) projection device
  • Grid paper
  • Markers
  • Chart paper
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Ask for student volunteers to demonstrate Minecraft, projecting so the whole class can view. Discuss the characteristics of the art in Minecraft referring to the Elements of Design.
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  • Step 1 - Image 1. Create a set of points on the Cartesian plane to draw a simple Minecraft-style image, eg. place, object, tool, face...
  • Step 2 - Image 2. Apply a translation or reflection, to create a second set of points and a second image.
  • Step 3 - Graph the images. Use grid paper and outline each square with a pencil.
  • Step 4 - Colour the squares that make up each image. Use different colours or spectrums of colour for Image 1 and Image 2, to illustrate two different and contrasting expressions, emotions, times or places.

Staple the page with the list of Cartesian coordinates to the drawing.
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Activity 1 - Looking at the page where the coordinates are listed for each image, students will compare the coordinates of their two images, and document their observations about the properties of the two sets of coordinates.
Activity 2 - We see Lego or Minecraft art and illustrations used in a wide variety of media, not just in the games themselves. In small groups, use chart paper to create a mind map of your ideas about what this signifies. Why are artists and advertisers drawn to using this type of image?
The activity could be done without adding the translation or reflection.
  • Students can present their work and provide peer feedback in a gallery walk or class presentation.
  • Students could use the symbols provided in various Coding Unplugged sites to create a set of instructions for drawing their Image 1, and exchange with a friend to draw.
    Example: https://code.org/curriculum/course2/1/Teacher