Mathematics: Geometry and Spatial Sense

- construct polygons using a variety of tools, given angle and side measurements

Mathematics: Patterning and Algebra
- identify geometric patterns, through investigation using concrete materials or drawings, and represent them numerically
Familiarity with using graphing paper
These lessons provide opportunities for teachers and students to gather evidence through teacher, peer, and self-assessments; and learning goals and success criteria. See Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, Chapter 4 for more information.
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Review previous activity (Coding Your Friend-Bot) regarding student observations:
“What was important about your verbal communication?”

“What vocabulary words did you use?”

Write students observations on chart paper for reference (whole class)

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Introduce vocabulary words algorithm, program, decoding (have students share examples of where they have heard/used/seen the words). Complete chart paper with student feedback.

Hand out Four-by-Fours Activity from Graph Paper Programming package (from Hour of Code). Discuss the algorithm for creating images and convert them to symbols. Trade with partner and attempt to recreate their image.

Throughout lesson and activity, share open dialogue and continue to add to chart papers with students vocabulary and discoveries.

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Have students share with elbow partners “Ah-ha” moments of the activities (new learning, reflections, successes, challenges, likes and dislikes).
Students may be paired or placed in small groups, randomly or based on teacher professional judgement.
Students may wish to complete activity verbally.
Templates can be enlarged
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