Language: Oral Communication

- 2.1 identify a few purposes for speaking

Language: Media Literacy
- 2.2 identify, initially with support and direction, the conventions and techniques used in some familiar media forms

Mathematics: Geometry and Spatial Sense
- describe the relative locations of objects or people using positional language

Mathematics: Patterning and Algebra
- identify a rule for a repeating pattern
- represent a given repeating pattern in a variety of ways

These lessons provide opportunities for teachers and students to gather evidence through teacher, peer, and self-assessments; and learning goals and success criteria. See Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, Chapter 4 for more information.

How to Use the BeeBot App

This is the minds on button.
Discuss how we use computers and computer based products in our lives and how it affects almost everything we do. Brainstorm how easy or hard it would be to think and act like a computer.
This is the action button.
  • On a Learning Carpet place an object on a starting position and ask the students to figure out how to give it (you) commands to get it to the desired destination. The destination was a square 5-10 moves away.
  • Tell the students that they have to tell you step by step, including directions regarding when to turn, move forward and stop. Follow the oral directions by the students exactly.
  • Provide student volunteers strips of paper to act as the “commands”. Use three: a straight arrow indicating move forward, a right curved arrow and a left curved arrow.
  • Have the students place the paper arrow commands in proper sequence. Try several times until students are happy with the outcome.
  • Demonstrate the Bee Bot application on an iPad and ask students to comment on what they have viewed. If necessary, demo the first few levels for students. Provide them with the opportunity to explore the application on their own iPad.
This is the consolidation button.

Immediately after the coding exercise, have an open sharing of what students’ thoughts and experiences regarding the Bee Bot app and coding in general.

Discuss what you as a class could do to improve the experience.

Devise a buddy system where students sit with a partner, each with his/her own iPad.

Make plans prior to coding (i.e. algorithms) using arrows and listing steps needed to follow in order.

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