Language: Oral Communication

- 1.1 identify purposes for listening in a few different situations, formal and informal

Mathematics: Geometry and Spatial Sense
- describe the relative locations of objects or people using positional language
Knowledge of directional language (left, right, up, down)
These lessons provide opportunities for teachers and students to gather evidence through teacher, peer, and self-assessments; and learning goals and success criteria. See Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, Chapter 4 for more information.
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How to Play Cody Roby

Student Explanation of How to Play CodyRoby


This is the minds on button.
  • Watch the first 1 minute 10 seconds of the following video with the class.
  • Discuss the direction of the robots in the video: forward, right, left, up, down.
  • Guide the student discussion about robots with the questions below:
    • What are robots used for?
    • Who is responsible for telling the robots what to do? (Humans)
    • What is it called when you give a robot instructions? (Coding or programming)
    • Can a robot do what it wants without help from humans? (No. Robots can learn how to do things but humans need to create the instructions for the robot to follow.)

Amazon Warehouse Robots

This is the action button.
  • Introduce the board game CodyRoby by reviewing the directions of the robots in the video Amazon Warehouse Robots and showing the three directions on the CodyRoby cards. (Right, Left, Forward)
  • Partner students.
  • Review the rules for playing. Object of the game is to capture your opponent's robot.
  • If a student cannot move they may put all 5 cards back in the pile and pick 5 new ones.
This is an image of two boys playing Cody Roby.

Moving on the CodyRoby board.

This is an image of two girls playing Cody Roby.

Placing cards on the deck for CodyRoby.

This is the consolidation button.
Student pairs join and as a team they play using a collaborative strategy. Each team will place two blocks on the game board.
Teacher may wish to pair students strategically.

Students may wish to create their own game using the game board and Cody Cards.

CodyRoby Follow Me Activity