Students as Researchers Toolkit

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Chapter 1: Introduction To Research
What Is Research? 10  
Can Students Conduct Quality Research? 10  
How Do I Conduct Research? 12  
Video: Helene Gregoire talks about her experiences with research and its ability to make a difference 13  
What are the Components of a Research Project? 14  
Video: Helene Gregoire talks about choosing your research team 14  
Research Methods 16  
Video: Helene Gregoire talks about different research methods 16  
Video: Student talks about different research methods 17  
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Chapter 2: Designing your Research Question and Research Methods
Steps in Designing a Research Project 23  
Video: Rachel Ryerson talks about choosing your research question 26  
Video: Caitlin talks about her research question 27  
Video: Helene Gregoire introduces and talks about the ethics process 32  
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Chapter 3: Ethics: How to Conduct Research in an Ethical Way
What are Research Ethics? 34  
How to Follow an Ethical Process 35  
Video: Students talk about following an ethical process 35  
Consent Form Process 36  
Video: Rachel Ryerson talks about research ethics 36  
Video: Helene Gregoire talks about the consent form process 37  
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Chapter 4: How to Collect Research Data
Data Collection 40  
What do I Need for Data Collection? 40  
Steps for Data Collection 41  
The Art of Asking Questions 42  
Video: Helene Gregoire talks about the the data collection process 42  
Video: Students talk about getting other students to participate 42  
Tips on Note Taking 44  
How to Ensure Data Confidentiality 45  
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Chapter 5: How to Analyze Research Data
Myths of Data Analysis 47  
Data Analysis 47  
Making Sense of Qualitative Data 48  
Data Analysis Checklist 49  
Guidelines for Qualitative Analysis 49  
Example: Identifying codes and memos 50  
Making Sense of Quantitative Data 51  
Analyzing Qualitative Data 51  
Video: Students talk about analyzing and sharing their data 52  
Video: Helene Gregoire talks about analyzing and sharing your data 52  
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Chapter 6: How to Share Research Results for Positive Change
Sharing Your Data 54  
Dissemination Planning Tool 55  
What Is Our Message? Who Is Our Audience? 56  
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Chapter 7: How to Develop a Project Plan
Planning 58  
Project Planning Framework 58  
Video: Students talk about working together and overcoming challenges 60  
Video: Students provide recommendations for prospective researchers 60  
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Mapping Important Issues - Template 62  
Mapping Important Issues - In your own style 63  
List of Research Issues - Template 64  
Research Design Tool 65  
Project Framework - Template 66  
Research Ethics Review Application Process 69  
Research Ethics Review Application Form 70  
Consent Form for Research Participants 72  
Ethics Review Feedback Form 75  
Our Key Messages 77  
Release and Consent Form 78  
Frequently Asked Questions 82  
Resources for Students and Teachers 83  
Additional Resources for Teachers 84  
Acknowledgements 85  
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