Student Council

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From 2010 to 2012, over 600 students envisioned new ways of contributing to their school communities. They came from across the province to regional forums or served on the Minister’s Student Advisory Council. They shared their ideas on student council and leadership. They talked about the role that schools can play to help students become leaders and change-makers through training and support. They voiced a need for true student advocacy and citizenship.

Students told us that student councils should:

  • find better ways to empower all student voices
  • be more than fundraisers and dance organizers
  • strengthen academic engagement
  • represent student body diversity

Check out the self-assessment guide, A Call for Student Leaders which outlines the above and much more here.  
The Student Voice Initiative has a direct impact on the student council because students can voice their opinions and take action on their ideas through council structures, procedures, interactions and involvements. Students have told the Ministry that they want student councils to be more inclusive, distribute leadership, and focus on students’ issues and priorities.  With the support of adult allies, students can work towards ‘true engagement’ between themselves and their school communities.

See how we can invite student councils to co-create environments that promote student engagement by clicking here.

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