SpeakUp Projects

What are SpeakUp projects?

SpeakUp projects give students a chance to get involved in making their school a better place to learn. This is their chance to SpeakUp and take action on the issues that are important to them. Encourage your students to tell us their great idea for a project for a chance to receive a grant. Students will lead the project with the support of a peer project team and an adult project facilitator.

Here are a few examples of SpeakUp projects.

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Students Helping Students

Slide 2

Anti-Bullying PSA

Slide 3

Stop the Stigma

Slide 4


Slide 5

Social Justice Mural

Slide 6

Bronte Veterans Garden

Slide 7

Fish Stocking

Slide 8

Sisters of Strength

Slide 9

Behind These Eyes

Example Frame


SpeakUp Project Videos

Take a look at some videos schools made of their SpeakUp Projects.

Persuasion: Print-based Public Service Announcements

Students at Martingrove Collegiate Institute developed public service announcements (PSA) for their school on topics such as Bullying, Teen pregnancy, substance abuse and homelessness.

  Martingrove PSA

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Pink Shirt Day Assembly

Instead of having a regular assembly, Cawthra Park decided to create a long term goal to fix bullying at school



You Can Succeed

Students at Durham Alternative Secondary School created a motivational music video called “You Can Succeed”.

  You Can Succeed


SpeakUp Projects Facebook

Take a look at some videos schools posted of their SpeakUp Projects on our SpeakUp Ontario Facebook page.

Click here to check out the project “Change!” where the Students Together Against Racism (S.T.A.R.) at Terry Fox Public School in Ajax, challenge their peers, teachers, parents and community to advocate for equity and celebrate diversity

Click here to check out the project “I'm sorry... (for not being the bigger person)” where students in Whitby, Ontario created an anti-bully PSA video targeted at girl-on-girl bullying in public Schools.

Interested in applying for a SpeakUp grant? Click here to see how to apply.