MSAC Cohort II

2010-11 Minister's Student Advisory Council

MSAC Cohort II  Click image to view

The 2010-11 Minister's Advisory Council recommended changing the Community Involvement Hour Policy. As a result of this recommendation and supporting ideas from students attending regional forums, the Ministry amended the policy. Now students can start accruing their volunteer hours as soon as they have completed Grade 8. This means that they can count their summer volunteer work towards the 40 community involvement hours they need to graduate from high school – even before they start Grade 9.
This council also identified 3 priorities for strengthening student engagement:

  1. Build a strong extra-curricular program that builds a sense of belonging, self-confidence and enjoyment of school, particularly for those students at risk.
  2. Encourage and support teachers to build strong relationships with students.
  3. Foster a teaching approach that includes designing learning tasks that are focused on students' interests.

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