MSAC Cohort I

2009-10 Minister's Student Advisory Council

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The inaugural meeting of the 2009-10 Minister's Student Advisory Council was held on May 12, 2009. Sixty students from across the province had their first opportunity to provide advice to the Minister of Education on a variety of topics regarding the publicly funded education system.


  Student Engagement

The very first MSAC recommended increasing student engagement in school and hearing all student voices so that:

    1. The school culture becomes one where students feel that they belong.
    2. The classroom culture becomes one where the individual needs of all students are met.
    3. Improvements are made to the curriculum (e.g. Civics, Career Studies) to encourage greater student engagement in education and learning.
    4. School guidelines and policies become more student driven/centred and representative of students' educational needs.

Read the results from the May 2009 MSAC meeting. These were reviewed and approved at their August 2009 meeting and formed the foundation for developing the Student Voice Indicators that are now used to gauge student engagement at schools.
In August 2009, the council had its second meeting. Members participated in discussions, team-building and leadership activities at the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre in Longford Mills.
Building on their work from the May meeting, they identified a list of the top nine ideas (the 9 Student Voice Indicators) that over 1,500 students in Ontario suggested would strengthen their engagement in learning and ensure all voices were heard.

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