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The Professional Learning Cycle – plan, act, observe, reflect - is a process that is used by teams of educators for professional learning. Learning occurs during and between team meetings when educators share practice, examine student work and/or access opportunities to build their instructional skills and knowledge-base. The videos here are intended to open dialogue, to open our minds and to open doors. Six school boards across the province have opened their doors to us... to see their professional learning cycles in action. These segments are not scripted. They show learning teams, teachers, leaders and facilitators in action and reflecting on what they do. The work may differ from board to board, school to school and classroom to classroom but all use the professional learning cycle to guide their instructional practice.
So let's head into some schools and see it in action. Click on the segment you would like to view.

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Introduction to the Professional Learning Cycle   MP4
Plan   MP4
Act   MP4
Observe   MP4
Reflect   MP4
Supporting Implementation    
Building Capacity   MP4
Leadership   MP4
Facilitation   MP4
Conclusion   MP4
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