Manipulatives are essential for all students to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.  Information to guide teachers in the management and appropriate instructional use of a variety of manipulatives (math learning tools), includes a video overview and handouts describing tips for use and sample classroom activities. Visit for digital math learning tools.   Pattern Blocks

Classroom Instructional Strategies – Key Messages (video)
This 19 minute video is an interactive session with educators taking a look at how ‘using a variety of tools and strategies’ is identified within the curriculum; develops conceptual understanding; enables differentiated instruction and supports a positive learning environment.
Manipulatives Management (pdf) This document provides tips on managing manipulatives in the classroom; noise; distribution and collection; and storage.

Manipulatives Tip Sheets
The tip sheets for each of the listed manipulatives include a description of what they are, how they can help students, how many are recommended and sample activities.
Algebra Tiles (pdf)    
Base 10 Blocks (pdf)
Coloured Tiles (pdf)
Connecting Cubes (pdf)
Five and Ten Frames (pdf)
Fraction Circles (pdf)
Fraction Strips and Towers (pdf)
Geoboards (pdf)
Pattern Blocks (pdf)
Rekenreks (pdf)
Relational Rods (pdf)
Tangrams (pdf)

Modeling Using Manipulatives Support Documents
Algebra Tiles – Integers and Algebra (pdf)
Geoboard – Ways to Determine the Area of a Square on the Diagonal (pdf)

Modeling Using Manipulatives Support Videos
Algebra Tiles – Using Area to Model Multiplication and Factoring of Algebraic Expressions (video)    
Algebra Tiles – Balancing Equations (video)
Algebra Tiles – Simplifying Algebraic Expressions (video)
Coloured Tiles - Multiplication of Fractions (video)
Elastic Metre – Percent (video)
Geometer’s Sketchpad – Pythagorean Theorem (video)
Linking Cubes – Mean and Median (video)
Relational Rods – Operations with Fractions (video)
Two Coloured Counters – Zero Principle (video)