The Geometer’s Sketchpad™ (GSP)

GSP can be used to create dynamic shapes to explore mathematics. Many activities with premade sketches are available for students to explore number relationships, geometry, measurement and patterning.   Geometer’s Sketchpad™ (GSP)

In order to use .gsp files supplied on this site, Sketchpad must be downloaded and installed on the computer.
     Installation Instructions
        1. Download the correct version of the software for your operating system from
        2. Run the installer.
        3. When you are prompted, enter the License Name and Authorization Code supplied by your school.

Geometer’s Sketchpad Pre-Made Sketches
2D Shapes
Circles (gsp)
Circumference and Diameter Relationship (gsp)
Diagonals (gsp)
Interior Angles – Angle Sketch (gsp)
Right and Non-Right Triangles (gsp)
Sum of all Angles (gsp)
Sum of all Angles Support Document (pdf)
Sum of all Angles Support Video 1 (video)
Sum of all Angles Support Video 2 (video)
Triangle Centers – Mystery Point (gsp)
Triangle and Centres (Centroid, Orthocenter, Incentre, Circumcentre) – Gr9Triangle (gsp)
Triangle (Medians, Altitudes, Angle Bisectors, Perpendicular Bisectors) – Gr9Map (gsp)

3D Figures
Rectangular and Triangular Prisms – Drawing 3D (gsp)
Rectangular and Triangular Prisms – Nets (gsp)

Angle Properties
Angle Properties (gsp)
Exploring Angles (gsp)
Exterior Angles of a Polygon (gsp)
Interior Angles of a Polygon (gsp)
Parallel and Non-Parallel Lines (gsp)
St. Peters Portico Investigation (gsp)
Worcester Railway Bridge Investigation (gsp)

Area and Perimeter

Area of a Rectangle – Simple Shapes (gsp)
Simple Shapes Support Document (pdf)
Area of a Parallelogram and a Triangle – Time to Get in Shape (gsp)
Time to Get in Shape Support (video)
Circumference and Area of a Circle – Circle and Pi (gsp)
Circle and Pi Support Document (pdf)
Circle and Pi Support (video)
Composite Shapes (gsp)
Composite Shapes (including portions of a circle) - Skateboard Park (gsp)

Zooming Decimals (gsp)
Zooming to Millions (gsp)

Expressions and Equations
Algebraic Expressions – Understanding Variables (gsp)
Understanding Variables Support Document (pdf)
Understanding Variables Support (video)
Equation Balance (gsp)
Equations by Systematic Trial (gsp)
Solving Equations by Systematic Trial Support Document (pdf)
Solving Equations Systematic Trial Support (video)

Comparing Fractions Strategies (gsp)
Comparing Fractions to One (gsp)

Exponential (Modeling) - Bounce Back (gsp)
Exponential  -  Properties (gsp)
Exponential Curve – Transformations (gsp)
Exponential and Quadratic  – The Chipmunk Problem (gsp)
Functions and Inverses (gsp)
Linear, Quadratic and Exponential  – Under Pressure (gsp)
Logarithmic – Log Investigation (gsp)
Polynomial – Factored Polynomials (gsp)
Quadratic – Barging Through the Bridge (gsp)

Graphing Points
Plotting Points – Coordinates (gsp)
Coordinates Support Document (pdf)
Coordinates Support (video)
Scatter Plots – Building and Using Scatter Plots (gsp)
Building and Using Scatter Plots Support Document (pdf)
Building and Using Scatter Plots Support (video)

Addition with Integers – Integer Addition 2 Colour Counters (gsp)
Integer Addition 2 Colour Counters Support Document 1 (pdf)
Integer Addition 2 Colour Counters Support Document 2 (pdf)
Integer Addition 2 Colour Counters Support (video 1)
Integer Addition 2 Colour Counters Support (video 2)
Subtraction with Integers – Integer Subtraction Counters (gsp)
Integer Subtraction Counters Support Document (pdf)
Integer Subtraction Counters Support (Video)

Simple and Compound Interest (gsp)

Linear Relationships
Mellow Yellow (gsp)

Measures of Central Tendency
Mean and Median using Decimal Numbers – Mean and Median (gsp)
Mean and Median Support Document (pdf)
Mean and Median Support (video)

Decimal Multiplication Area Model (gsp)
Interactive Area Model (gsp)

Face Measurements (gsp)
Giraffe Proportions (gsp)
Working with Giraffe (gsp)

Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Relationships (gsp)

Ratio Relationships (gsp)
Ratio Relationships Support Document (pdf)
Ratio Relationships Support (video)

Average and Instantaneous Rate of Change – Go With the Flow (gsp)
Go With the Flow Support (Fathom File)
Go With the Flow Support - Exemplar 1 (Fathom File)
Go With the Flow Support- Exemplar 2 (Fathom File)
Secant Slope (gsp)
Slope of a Line – Motion Musing (gsp)
Motion Musing Support Document 1 (pdf)
Motion Musing Support Document 2 (pdf)
Motion Musing Support (video 1)
Motion Musing Support (video 2)
Motion Musing Support (video 3)
Slope of Tangent - y = ax2 (gsp)
Slope of Tangent - y = ax3 (gsp)
Slope of Tangent - y = x2 + ax (gsp)
Slope of Tangent - y = x3 + ax2 (gsp)

Surface Area and Volume
Triangular Prisms – Paper Prisms (gsp)
Volume of Right Prisms (gsp)
Volume of Right Prisms Support Document (pdf)
Volume of Right Prisms Support (video)

Block Symmetry (gsp)
Dilatations (gsp)
Dilatations Support Document (pdf)
Dilatations Support (Video 1)
Dilatations Support (Video 2)
Dilatations Support (Video 3)
Reflections (gsp)
Reflections Support Document (pdf)
Reflections Support (video)

Cosine Law (gsp)
Motion Graph – Hoola Hoop CBR Experiment (gsp)
Periodic Motion and Trig Graphs (gsp)
Sine Law (gsp)
Grade 11 Sketches (zip)