Observation and Documentation  
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Observation and Documentation
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What can observation and documentation look like and sound like?
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How are educator teams rethinking ways of observing and documenting,
        and analyzing the documentation?
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The power of documentation: FDELK teams reflect on how they work
         together to use observation and analysis of documentation to plan
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How do the observations inform learning?
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 What practices related to observing and documenting and analysing
         documentation are educator teams repeating?
         The FDELK teams are incorporating the Principles of Universal Design
         for Learning (EDL) and Differentiated Learning
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Making thinking and learning visible: the importance of listening to
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How does listening inform learning and make it visible?
         How do children co-construct the learning?
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Reflections on documenting learning and making learning visible
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Listening in on children's reflections and classroom documentation
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Reflections on a journey: documenting and making learning visible
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Engaging families in observation, documentation and making learning
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One parent’s reflection on how learning is made visible through
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How will your educator teams make thinking and learning visible
        through observation and documentation?
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