French Immersion/Extended French - Secondary

Ontario Curriculum
The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 to 12, French as a Second Language, Core French,
Extended French, French Immersion, 2014.
Promising Inclusive Instructional Strategies for French as a Second Language Teachers
A document created by the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic DSB that outlines some promising inclusive instructional strategies categorized according to the strands of the Ontario FSL curriculum.
FSL Homework Tool Box/Trousse pour les devoirs:
A resource for FI students who require an accessible user friendly reference tool to help with homework.
  Web Site
Effective Assessment Practices in FSL: Connecting Growing Success and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Kindergarten to Grade 12:
A document created by the Ottawa-Carleton DSB to support FSL educators in using the CEFR to inform assessment practices in alignment with policies and practices in Growing Success.

New PostTransforming FSL Webpage   

The next series of FSL professional learning resources  are all posted on the Transforming FSL webpage located on the Curriclum Services Canada website.
La prochaine série de ressources d'apprentissage professionnelles pour le FLS sont toutes disponibles à la page Web Transformons le français langue seconde située sur le site de Curriculum Services Canada.

Professional Learning Conversations with Multiple Speakers November 2016-April 2017
A web conference series offering a variety of perspectives and insights on current issues in FSL.
Including All Students in FSL
A toolkit developed to support school boards, educators and other stakeholders in their efforts to include students  with special education needs in FSL programs.
Améliorons ensemble les compétences des élèves de français langue seconde en s'inspirant du CECR
The culmination of collaboration with the school boards that participated in this project and serves as a catalyst for exploration and discussion amongst FSL professionals.
Listening to Learn
A module presenting a differentiated approach to teach listening in FSL.
Écouter pour apprendre
Un module proposant une approche différenciée pour enseigner l'écoute en FLS.
Le CECR : 10 grandes idées
A webcast intended to assist FSL educators in increasing their understanding of the CEFR.
Du communicatif à l'actionnel: Éclairer les approches
The intent of the project, which includes theoretical and practical components, is to deepen the understanding of the communicative approach and action-oriented approach.
Les pratiques pédagogiques inspirées du CECR
FSL planning, teaching and assessment that support the integration of oral communication, reading and writing within a CEFR-inspired action-oriented approach.
Samples of Student Oral and Written Productions Based on the CEFR
Samples of student productions validated by the Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP), ensuring alignments with the internationally recognised standards of the DELF.
Exploring the CEFR/Exploration du CECR
This project presents an opportunity to increase awareness and deepen understanding of how the CEFR can inform FSL instruction and assessment practices in Ontario.
A Guide to Reflective Practice for Core French Teachers
Six topical modules to support elementary and secondary Core French teachers as they implement their program.
Guide de réflexion sur la pratique pédagogique pour les enseignantes et enseignants du programme de français de base.
Six modules thématiques visant à aider les enseignantes et enseignants du français de base durant la mise en oeuvre de leur programme aux paliers élémentaire et secondaire.
On est capable! On peut se parler en français et on aime ça!
The purpose of this series of video clips is to engage FSL teachers in reflective practice on the topic of improving student proficiency in oral French.