About Assessment

Resources designed to support you in deepening your understanding of assessment for learning, assessment as learning and assessment of learning.

These eModules provide an introduction to some of the key features of Growing Success.
Assessment for and as Learning eModule
Fundamental Principles eModule
Performance Standards: The Achievement Chart eModule


Purposes of Assessment:
Dr. Lorna Earl, researcher and author, speaks about the three purposes of assessment.

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Key Features of Growing Success and Kindergarten Assessment   

These eModules introduce some of the key features of Growing Success, the Kindergarten Addendum (2016). They may be viewed independently or as part of more comprehensive professional learning in schools and boards.
Module 1: Introduction to Policy MP4
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Module 2: Assessment for/as Learning MP4
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Module 3: Communication with Parents MP4
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Module 4: Reporting and the Templates MP4
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Module 5: The Communication of Learning and the Four Frames MP4
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