Sample Individual Education Plans

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are a critical tool in driving achievement and well-being for students with special education needs.  Please find below samples to support educators when developing IEPs.  The samples have been developed with and informed by consultations with educators and stakeholders.

There are some components of the IEP samples which will be new for school boards and are based upon the consultation that took place to inform the samples. For example:
  • In addition to professional assessments, the use of other relevant assessment data including teacher assessments, teacher observations, teacher/student conferences are demonstrated;
  • Learning expectations are expressed in such a way that is measurable and observable and the student and parent(s) can understand exactly what the student is expected to know or to be able to do; and
  • Transition plans reflect the requirements of Policy/Program Memorandum (PPM) 156. 
The samples are not intended to be copied. Instead, they are meant to illustrate what IEPs may look like based upon assessment and tailored to the student’s particular strengths and needs.


Elementary PDF
Secondary PDF


Autism – Elementary PDF
Autism – Secondary PDF
Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Elementary PDF
Deaf and Hard of Hearing – Secondary PDF
Language – Elementary PDF
Language – Secondary PDF
Speech Impairment – Elementary PDF
Learning Disability – Elementary PDF
Learning Disability – Secondary PDF
Learning Disability – Resource Assistance PDF


Giftedness - Elementary PDF
Giftedness - Secondary PDF
Mild Intellectual Disability – Elementary PDF
Mild Intellectual Disability – Secondary PDF
Developmental Disability – Elementary PDF
Developmental Disability – Secondary PDF


Multiple - Elementary  
Blind - Developmental Disability PDF
Mild Intellectual Disability - Physical PDF
Multiple - Secondary  
Developmental Disability - Physical PDF
Developmental Disability – Physical - Special Education Class PDF


Physical – Elementary PDF
Physical - Secondary PDF
Blind and Low Vision - Elementary PDF
Blind and Low Vision - Secondary PDF


Non-Identified - Elementary  
Kindergarten-Student with a Cochlear Implant PDF
Kindergarten-Student with a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder PDF
Grade 2 - Accommodated Language and French Programs PDF
Grade 3 - Accommodated Reading and Writing Programs PDF
Non-Identified - Secondary  
Grade 9 - Accommodated Program (Transition Plan with Support from Guidance) PDF
Grade 9 - Accommodated Program (Assistive Technology) PDF
Grade 9 - Accommodated Program (Medical Diagnosis) PDF