Autism Spectrum Disorder

Resources designed to support learning for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Geneva Centre for Autism   

    Online Training
Introduction to Autism: Free Online Series for Educators Website
ABA Training Modules Website

Ministry of Education Resources   

    Instructional Tools
Effective Educational Practices for Students with Autism PDF
Questions and Answers: Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Website

Board Developed Resources   

The resources in this section were developed by educators across the province to help support students with special education needs. We have included board-developed material on this web page because they may be of interest to you. Please direct all inquiries and permissions to the specific boards.
    Capacity Building Tools
ABA Overview PDF
ABA in the Secondary Classroom Placemat – Niagara Catholic DSB PDF
Behaviour Duration: Template – Toronto Catholic DSB PDF
Connections for Students Toolkit: Goals + Objectives – Near North DSB PDF
Connections for Students: Meeting Minutes Templates PDF
Linking ABA through Special Education and Program – Niagara Catholic DSB PDF

    Templates and Checklists
ASD Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Form – Near North DSB PDF
Behaviour Frequency Count: Template – Toronto Catholic DSB PDF
Levels of Required Support: Template – Toronto Catholic DSB PDF
Student Profile Template – Limestone DSB PDF