Innovation in Action

Learning Stories to Build Transparency and Enhance Professional Learning

Simcoe County DSB

  Learning Stories to Build Transparency and Enhance Professional Learning  

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       Learning Stories to Build Transparency
and Enhance Professional Learning

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This video captures a district’s transparent, technology-enabled professional learning
process in action. The district uses Digital Learning Stories to connect all levels of
leadership, and make professional collaborative inquiry in support of STEAM education
interactive and visible across the district.

Themes and IdeasThemes and ideas:


  • Mid-level leadership
  • Changing roles
  • Collaborative professionalism
  • Scaling and systematizing innovation
  • Transparency as a means for sustaining innovation
  • Virtual and face-to-face professional learning
  • Educator engagement
  • Learning networks
  • STEAM education

Viewer's ListThis video is for:
  • Educators
  • School and System Leaders
  • Superintendents and Directors
  • Policy

Discussion QuestionDiscussion questions:
  • Learning Stories emerged from the need to scale innovation across the district and deepen
    professional collaborative inquiry to support STEAM education. Many educators in the
    video describe how their roles and practices are changing as a result of the innovation.
    How are roles, practices, and processes changing in your district? How are digitals tools
    being used to support professional learning?
  • This district uses Learning Stories as a way to systematize and scale effective STEAM
    education practices as well as foster new connections between educators with similar
    objectives who would otherwise remain unconnected. How does this connect to
    systematizing and scaling innovation in your district?
  • “Radical transparency” has been identified as a potential way to sustain innovation
    through leadership changes. What design features of Learning Stories might allow
    innovation to be sustained? How might Learning Stories be adapted to a similar or
    dissimilar context in your district?
  • What cultural norms need to be fostered in a/your district, to enable a “radical
    transparency” and collaborative approach to professional inquiry learning, supported by
    digital technology? What conditions are needed for such a culture to flourish? How might
    these conditions be created?
  • At what stage would you consider this district to be on the Innovation Journey Rubric?
    What do you imagine might be their next step?
  • How might a district monitor and measure the impact of Learning Stories on the system?
    leadership? educators? students?
  • How do the practices featured in the video support Global Competencies (p. 56)?
  • What policy decisions might enable the innovations featured in this video?
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Learning Stories at varying stages of progress:

How can system leaders support Learning Stories?
  • Offer support by suggesting resources (digital, print, human).
  • Push thinking by asking questions.
  • Validate and appreciate the learning journey.

To learn more about Simcoe County DSB’s Learning Stories, Ontario educators are
welcome to visit the archived Virtual Learning Sessions (November 22) in e-community.

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