Mathematics: Geometry and Spatial Sense
- sort and classify quadrilaterals by geometric properties related to symmetry, angles, and sides, through investigation using a variety of tools and strategies
- construct polygons using a variety of tools, given angle and side measurements
- identify, perform, and describe, through investigation using a variety of tools rotations of 180o and clockwise and counterclockwise rotations of 90o, with the centre of the rotation inside or outside the shape

Mathematics: Patterning and Algebra
- extend and create repeating patterns that result from rotations, through investigation using a variety of tools
Ability to navigate with a web browser and to follow a self-directed tutorial.
These lessons provide opportunities for teachers and students to gather evidence through teacher, peer, and self-assessments; and learning goals and success criteria. See Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, Chapter 4 for more information.
  • Computer (PC, Mac, Chromebook or Linux)
  • Success Experience Chart
  • Challenges Experience Chart
This is the minds on button.
Review successes and challenges chart paper with students prior:
  • review how to construct angles, sort and classify polygons as well as repeating patterns
  • remind them they will be using that knowledge today
  • let students know today’s activity is about having fun and identifying the successes and challenges they have.
This is the action button.
  • assign or allow choice of student partners and remind them that today’s activity is about discovery (take chances, collaborate, enjoy!)
  • have students navigate to Hour of Code (Frozen)
  • students select Anna and Elsa (Frozen)
This is the consolidation button.
  • when students complete the activity, add to the “successes” and “challenges” chart papers
  • discuss the student’s contributions to the chart papers (allow time to discuss/share)
  • share teacher observations

Students can work in partners or teams.

Provide choice of alternate coding apps on the iPad (e.g. Daisy the Dinosaur, Run Marco!)

Students can continue to complete all levels or attempt a more challenging tutorial (

Hour of Code Artist: 

Hour of Code Activities (Grade 5 and 6 lessons)