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New Fractions Tasks and Resources Available

Six new tasks, one for each of the comparing fractions cells, are now available with additional support materials. Also, a new short research summary, entitled Math for Teaching: Rectangles, Number Lines and Circles,Oh My! provides strategies for supporting students in selecting representations with longevity.

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Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning Adobe Presenter

This Adobe Presenter will navigate educators through the Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning document. Key points of the document are highlighted through enhanced discussion and demonstrations in a format that allows viewers to manage the timing and pace.

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Web Conference – Focus on Unit Fractions - February 2016

6 one-sevenths, 7 one-sevenths, 8 one-sevenths… Counting by unit fractions is one strategy that helps us to focus on what we are counting. This webinar will look more closely at the importance of unit fractions in understanding fractions overall.
Presenters Dr. Cathy Bruce and Shelley Yearley will take participants through some of the key research and classroom-based activities that focus on unit fractions in order to help students gain the foundations they need not only for working with fractional amounts but also for understanding and performing operations with fractions.

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Fractions Research Summary

Use of the Fractions Learning Pathways tasks can increase student learning and close gaps for Junior and Intermediate students. A two page summary of the research process and findings to date is now available.

Ideas for School Newsletters

Ideas for School Newsletters is a repository of practical tips, activities, and resources that can be used to inform parents about how they can support their children in the learning of mathematics. School leaders may include these ideas in their communications (e.g. newsletters, websites) with parents/guardians.

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