Ministry Mathematics Licensed Resources

The following are available for Ontario publicly funded schools. See your school board Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching – Contact (TELT – Contact) for more information about accessing these resources.

Fathom 2 is statistical software appropriate for secondary students.
     Advanced Fathom Simulations Zipped Files
     Quadratic Regression Zipped Files
  Fathom - Statistical software appropriate for secondary students
Gizmos Grades 7 to 12 offers hundreds of interactive online simulations (called GIZMOS) for math. GIZMOS are fun, easy to use, and can help develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through exploration.
Gizmos Grades 7 to 12
Mindomo is a collaborative mind and concept mapping online tool.
Mindomo - A collaborative mind and concept mapping online tool
Primary Math Strategies
Math Strategies – Primary is computer software suitable for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in order to explore various mathematical principles, including Number Sense and Numeration, and Patterning and Algebra.
Primary Math Stategies
TinkerPlots is data analysis software that provides students with the ability to manipulate sets of data into colourful graphs and other forms of representations, while improving their understanding of data, numbers, probability, and graphs. Students have the opportunity to build their own data tables that they can graph and analyze in multiple ways.
TinkerPlot - Data anaalysis software