Additional Fractions Support Fractions Learning Pathways

Ontario Fractions Research
Fractions Research Summary (pdf)
This two page summary describes the research process and findings to date.
Fractions Learning Pathways Overview (Video)
This video shows the features of the Fractions Learning Pathways.
Transcript (pdf)
Fractions Research Findings (Video)
This video shares how using the Fractions Learning Pathways tasks can increase student learning and close gaps for Junior and Intermediate students.
Transcript (pdf)
Fractions Research Top Ten Lessons (Video)
In this video Dr. Cathy Bruce and Shelley Yearley share ten key learnings from the research.
Transcript (pdf)
Paying Attention to Fractions (pdf)
This document focuses on the mathematical content area of fractions.  Key findings from Ontario research are used throughout the document to connect the learning and teaching of fractions from K to 12.

Actions to Develop Fractions Understanding (pdf)
Intentional Tasks to Develop Fractions Thinking (pdf)
Fractions Across Strands and Grades: Sample Tasks (pdf)
Being Responsive to Student Thinking (pdf)

Paying Attention to Fractions
Paying Attention to Fractions Overview
This Adobe Presenter highlights and animates key parts of the Paying Attention to Fractions document.

Math Teaching for Learning Research Summaries
Ways We Use Fractions (pdf)    
Developing Fraction Number Sense (pdf)
Purposeful Representations (pdf)
Rectangles, Number Lines and Circles, Oh My! (pdf)
Developing Proficiency with Partitioning, Iterating, and Disembedding (pdf)
Building Understanding of Unit Fractions (pdf)
Building Understanding of Equivalence (pdf)
Building to Addition and Subtraction of Fractions (pdf)

Teaching Fractions – What’s the Big Deal?
Recorded web conference hosted by Dr. Cathy Bruce focusing on the foundations of fraction understanding. November 2014.
  Web Conference hosted by Dr. Cathy Bruce: Teaching Fractions – What’s the big deal? – November 2014 
Teaching Fractions – Focus on Unit Fractions
Recorded web conference hosted by Dr. Cathy Bruce and Shelley Yearley focusing on the importance of unit fractions and it’s foundation for operating with fractions. February 2016.
Pre-Pathway Fractions Research – Representing, Comparing, Ordering
This digital research paper shares the learning journey of the collaborative action research project.  It identifies effective practices and includes brief research summaries, classroom ready-lessons and videos. 
Professional Learning About Fractions: A Collaborative Action Research Project

Literature Reviews
Foundations to Learning and Teaching Fractions: Addition and Subtraction (pdf)   Foundations to Learning and Teaching Fractions: Addition and Subtraction
Fractions Operations: Multiplication and Division (pdf) Fractions Operations: Multiplication and Division Literature Review