Coaching for Literacy

Learning Partners for Strategic Learning: teachers working together to plan instruction, deliver lessons, and assess effectiveness.

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A Framework for Literacy Coaching
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Learning Focused Conversations and Shared Reading in Grade 12 History
In this video, learning partners collaborate to improve student understanding of complex texts in a grade 12 history class. Instruction is focused on 'talk to the text' reading strategy which teaches students how to deconstruct a dense text and improve their understanding of history content.
Lesson Study: Professional Learning in a Secondary School
In this video, secondary science teachers engage in Lesson Study, a professional learning model that engages teachers in systematically examining their practice with the goal of becoming more effective.
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Summarizing and Notetaking in Secondary Science
In this video, learning partners collaborate to enhance learning in a secondary science classroom by focusing on two key strategies, summarizing and notetaking.

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