Dual Credits - Student Response Pages

Literacy Lessons align with principles of effective literacy instruction in Think Literacy and Literacy GAINS resources. This is not a program or series of worksheets; teachers and students are encouraged to select and adapt based on student needs. The literacy knowledge and skills are applicable across subjects, including 'hands on' workplace-related learning. Literacy Lessons attends to aspects of college life as well as to the kinds of tasks required in college courses.

Student Response Pages  
1.1 Start Smart at Seneca DOC
1.2 Take the College Challenge DOC
1.3 Study Groups DOC
1.4 Study Guides DOC
1.5 Arresting Time Bandits DOC
2.1 Writing Power Learning  DOC
2.2 Making Notes DOC
2.3 Note Taking  DOC
2.4 Writing Memos DOC
2.5 Writing Reports DOC
2.6 Plain Explain DOC
3.1 Power Reading DOC
3.2 Making Inferences DOC
3.3 Tag It and Bag It DOC
3.4 Essential Skills DOC
3.5 Preview, Predict and Plan DOC
4.1 The Power of the Word DOC
4.2 Critical Stance DOC
4.3 Creating a Leaflet DOC
5.1 Seeking a Solution DOC
5.2 Sharing a Solution DOC
5.3 Business Etiquette DOC
5.4 Netiquette DOC
5.5 Set Your Cites DOC