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Questioning refers to students' curiosity, exploration, and inquiry to evoke, expose and extend their thinking.

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Components of Adolescent Literacy: Strategy Video
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Encouraging Thinking through Questions
This is part of the Research and Practice Connections series for adolescent literacy. When students pose their own questions and are involved in inquiry that taps into their sense of wonder and curiosity, they are more engaged in learning. This Connection includes some practical ideas for promoting student questioning in the classroom.
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Shifting How we Use Questions: Understanding Question Words
This video, produced by Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board, highlights two teachers co-teaching a grade nine class of students with the goal for students to develop a deeper understanding of question words and how they are related to the processing involved in responding to a question. Classroom teachers and professional learning facilitators can use this video to enhance their understanding of the vocabulary used in questioning and to be able to more precisely use questions with students.