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Adolescents require continual practice over time to refine their abilities to think, express, reflect. These resources are intended to support educators in meeting the literacy needs of adolescent learners.
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Adolescent Literacy Guide: Supplementary Resources
Adolescent Literacy Guide – Printable Version   PDF
This chart outlines the goals for adolescent literacy learning (i.e., Think, Express, Reflect), the components which support these goals, the student indicators which provide evidence of literacy learning, and the teacher practices which support this learning.
Adolescent Literacy Professional Learning Module   Module
School Effectiveness Framework Connections (Appendix A)
This chart shows sample connections between School Effectiveness Framework (SEF) indicators and the adolescent literacy components and student indicators.
Curriculum Connections (Appendix B)
This chart shows explicit connections between Grade 8 Science and Technology curriculum expectations and the components of adolescent literacy. The chart may be used as a template for examining links in other subjects or courses.
Connections to Learning Skills and Work Habits (Appendix C)
This chart shows explicit connections between the student indicators and the sample criteria outlined for each of the learning skills in Growing Success.
Connections to Ministry Resources (Appendix D)
This chart provides a sampling of Ministry print and video resources which may be used to illustrate the adolescent literacy components.
Practice and Research Connections: Adolescent Development   PDF