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Clicker 6 is a literacy development and special education tool for students in grades K-12 with features aimed towards helping primary students and/or students with special education needs. This software contains a variety of tools to help teach writing fundamentals or to aid students in writing their own creations. It also includes Clicker Paint, a piece of software that integrates with Clicker 6 to allow students to incorporate their own artwork into their writing.

 What functions does Clicker 6 provide?

  • Text-to-speech
  • Books for reading
  • Word prediction with customizable vocabulary level
  • Voice recording option
  • Picture support
  • Customizable activities
    • Word banks
    • Picture banks
    • Sentence building
    • Matching
    • Story telling

 How can students use Clicker 6?

Clicker 6 contains a variety of tools to help students develop their writing skills. The software allows students to express their ideas more fluently while improving their vocabulary through the use of word banks and Clicker 6’s word predictor. The word predictor encourages students to use more creative vocabulary, and the text-to-speech tool allows students to independently proof read and edit their work.

 How is Clicker 6 helpful to teachers in the classroom?

Teachers can use Clicker 6 to customize lesson plans according to their students’ needs. Teachers can use it to create writing aids such as word banks, or create their own unique activities using the multimedia components. The built-in creation tools also allow teachers to create customized matching activities, sentence building activities, picture banks and writing prompts, which personalize projects for their classroom. Alternatively, they can use Clicker 6’s built-in activities, or download resources covering a variety of subjects from online.

 How does Clicker 6 connect with Differentiated Instruction?

Teachers will differentiate instruction to address learning needs of students.

  • Student Readiness: The assistive features of Clicker 6, such as the word banks and word predictor, can be customized to address different levels of student readiness so that each student is able to write at a level that they are comfortable with.
  • Student Interest: Teachers can use the software’s multimedia elements to create engaging activities targeted towards their students’ interests. By incorporating visual and audio elements in their writing, students are able to create more creative and personalized projects.
  • Learning Preferences: The software’s multimedia features accommodate for a variety of learning styles. The wide range of tools and flexibility of the software enable students and teachers to choose how to use the software in order to learn most effectively.

 How does Clicker 6 connect with the Ontario curriculum?

At its core, Clicker 6 is designed for teaching Language Arts in primary students. However, given the open-ended and customisable nature of the software, teachers can easily use it in other subjects as a writing tool. Clicker 6’s assistive features such as the text-to-speech make it an excellent tool for English Language Learners and Special Education students.

 How can educators integrate Clicker 6 into their teaching practice: the SAMR approach?

When used just as a word processor, Clicker 6 can be used for Substitution or Augmentation of traditional writing tasks. However, Clicker 6 can also be used for Modification or Redefinition by taking advantage of its multimedia capabilities. Teachers can encourage students’ creativity by allowing them to express their ideas through art drawn directly in Clicker 6, pictures taken via webcam or images downloaded from the internet.


Clicker 6 introduction

Click here to learn more or go here for tutorials.


Using Clicker 6 for projects in other curriculums

Sentence building activity with visual aids

Using Clicker 6 to create personalized and engaging projects

Reading exercise with text-to-speech option

Using the word predictor to create longer pieces of writing

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I access Clicker 6 for my classroom?

A: Access to Clicker 6 is provided through your Operational Contact. To find your Operational Contact, click here and enter your board name.

Q: Where can I go to find downloadable resources?

A: Downloadable resources for Clicker 6 can be found here.

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