BookFlix is an online literacy resource designed for students grades in Kindergarten to 3. Students will develop a love of reading by interacting through read along options, video storybooks, educational games and can read material that is of interest to them as BookFlix offers 9 categories of books: Animals and Nature, Earth and Sky, People and Places, Music and Rhyme, Family and Community, ABCs and 123s, as well as Adventure, Celebrations and Imagination.

 What functions does BookFLIX provide?

  • Delivers high-interest interactive content to engage young readers;
  • Fiction/non-fiction books build background knowledge and introduce content area learning;
  • Remote access so children and their families can also log on to BookFlix anywhere there is an internet connection;
  • Interactive and educational games that asses student's learning;
  • Read along option to develop listening and reading comprehension; and
  • Definitions and Narrated text support to build vocabulary and support early readers.

 How can students use BookFLIX to enhance their learning?

Through colourful animation, rich audio and interactive activities, BookFlix provides students with the opportunity to engage in their learning. The software reinforces core reading skills and introduces students to a world of knowledge and exploration. Student will enjoy the ability to be independent and read along on their own, or share their reading with others.

 How is BookFLIX helpful to teachers in the classroom?

Teachers will be able to teach their students how to read and understand new information. They can use the books offered by BookFlix to introduce students to a new subject area and give them further background information on known topics.

 How does BookFLIX connect with Differentiated Intruction?

  • ReadinessBookFlix helps cater to many different levels of reading. Students who are not yet able to read on their own can read along with the book through either the text or video clip option. This establishes independence in student learning and strengthens comprehension skills. BookFlix also offers in-text definitions of words for students who may not have much background information on the subject they are reading.
  • Interests- BookFlix provides various different and unique topics for students to choose from in order for them to decide what kind of book would interest them. With a wide range of books to choose from in the 9 catagories available, students will be able to find a topic area and subject that excites them and encourages them to read.
  • Learning preferences- In order to strengthen their understanding, students can listen or watch the stories, and do activities based on the stories. Because of the different ways BookFlix allows students to explore reading, students will be able to find the style of learning that best suits them and allow them to grow as a reader.

 How does BookFLIX connect with the Ontario Curriculum

Demonstrate understanding and critical awareness of a variety of written materials that are read by and with the teacher. Students will use reading strategies that are appropriate for beginning readers in order to make sense of a variety of written materials;

MEDIA LITERACY – Grades 1-3 Language
Demonstrate an understanding of a variety of media texts Students can identify some media forms and explain how the conventions and techniques associated with them are used to create meaning;

READING – Grades 1-3 Language
Read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary, graphic, and informational texts, using a range of strategies to construct meaning. Recognize a variety of text forms, text features, and stylistic elements and demonstrate understanding of how they help communicate meaning. Use knowledge of words and cueing systems to read fluently.


Large Collection of Books

Fiction paired with Non-Fiction

Read Along with the Book

Read Along with Video

Activities to Enhance Understanding

Author Information

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I access BookFLIX - Primary for my classroom?

A: Access to BookFLIX is provided through your Operational Contact. To find your Operational Contact, click here and enter your board name.

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