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Students in grades 8-12 will use ArcGIS Online to improve their analytical skills and integrate different types of information into geographical systems coherent with the Ontario curriculum.

ArcGIS Online is an easy way to use geographic information on the web to construct and share your own maps or search for other works that have been published.

To learn more and get started, please visit the following page for a variety of tutorials:

 What functions does ArcGIS provide?

  • Access a rich collection of basemaps, demographic maps, and image services
  • Provide an easy-to-use workspace for students to create groups and invite others to work collaboratively on projects
  • Enable students to add their own data files and create mash-ups with information shared by other students
  • Enable users to quickly create interactive maps directly from Excel through the "Esri Maps for Office" service
  • Search, sort, and filter through published maps that can serve as templates for your own creations

 How can students use ArcGIS to enhance their learning?

Students will use ArcGIS Online to develop analytical skills by investigating, researching, organizing, synthesizing data, resulting in a map with visual representations to see trends and patterns.

 How is ArcGIS helpful to teachers in the classroom?

Teachers will use ArcGIS Online to provide real-world learning opportunities that engage students in a range of relevant local to global information.

Additional features allow teachers to develop, share, and access lessons with other educators across the province.

 How does ArcGIS connect with Differentiated Intruction?

Teachers will differentiate instruction to address learning needs of students.

  • Student Readiness: As a student learns to use the software, they will be able to engage in different levels of complexity to demonstrate their understanding of data, trends and patterns
  • Student Interests: The software provide students with the opportunity to choose templates to display data that is of interest and relevant to their learning

 How does ArcGIS connect with the Ontario Curriculum?

Students in grades 8-10 will use this software to gather information about patterns and themes in the physical world relevant to geography. Moreover, students in grades 10-12 will have the freedom to choose spatial technology courses that rely upon ArcGIS Online. This helps students develop the practical skills necessary for understanding spatial technologies and geographic inquiry.



Sharing Your Content


ArcGIS Online provides a variety of features that help enhance the analytical skills of students. Below are a set of images that contain examples of how this software may be used.

Types of Basemaps

Measurement Tool

Map with Volcanoe Layer

Thumbnail Image of Geographic Location

Symbols for Adding Data Interactively

Please click here to email us about your experience using and implementing ArcGIS or if you have any questions. We would love to hear about your success with the product. The content of your email may be posted unless otherwise requested.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I access ArcGIS for my classroom?

A: Access to ArcGIS is provided through your Operational Contact. To find your Operational Contact, click here and enter your board name.

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