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Netmaths is a French web service that provides a variety of supports in mathematics for students in grades 4 through 8. Modules are organized by grade and strand and contain a wealth of curriculum-based exercises, games and puzzles.

 What function does Netmaths provide?

Netmaths includes the following features:

  • Student take-home rights;
  • Easy to navigate interface;
  • Wide selection of practice questions and tutorial demonstrations;
  • Interactive puzzles and games;
  • Simple and scientific calculators with formula sheet;
  • Instant feedback on answering practice questions;
  • Interactive whiteboard capability for collaborative learning

 How can students use Netmaths to improve their learning?

By providing puzzles and games, Netmaths is an ideal tool for students to improve their learning in an engaging and interactive way.

Content modules match curriculum grade strands and expectations, allowing students to identify their strengths and work on areas in which they may not be as strong.

This web service also provides a personalized learning experience. For example, a grade 6 student experiencing difficulty with mathematics can review concepts from previous grades. Alternatively, a more advanced student can work ahead and explore the content within subsequent grade levels.

  1. Counting and Quantity
  2. SingleDigit Addition and Subtraction
  3. Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction
  4. Single-Digit Multiplication and Division

Each of the four sections supports students in learning the principles of and strategies for counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Each activity uses a consistent framework … learn, do and apply.

  1. Learn: the chipmunk models a principle or strategy within the context of a mathematical situation.
  2. Do: the chipmunk provides feedback and support as students explore the principle or practise the strategy.
  3. Apply: the chipmunk provides feedback as students apply the principle or strategy. This allows students to test their level of understanding and whether they are comfortable with the newly learned principle or strategy.

The activities in Math Strategies – Primary expose students to thinking about number and the variety of strategies for working with numbers operationally.

 How is Netmaths useful to teachers in the classroom?

Teachers can use Netmaths to facilitate personalized, independent learning. It enables students to review what they've learned which allows the teacher to focus on covering new concepts during class time.

Netmaths facilitates collaborative learning in the classroom. With an interactive whiteboard, the class can work on exercises at the same time, creating an interactive learning environment.

 How does Netmaths connect with Differentiated Instruction?
  • Netmaths allows teachers to differentiate instruction to address the learning needs of students.
  • Student Learning Preferences – The wide variety of resources allows students to customize their learning. Exercises, demonstrations and puzzles contain elements that appeal to all visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. By allowing students to choose the areas in which they focus, Netmaths encourages the development of the independent learner.
  • Student ReadinessNetmaths provides a quick and easy way to assess a student's readiness level prior to addressing new concepts. The web service also allows students to identify and develop their strengths as well as improve in their areas of need.

 How does Netmaths connect with the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum?
  • The questions provided by Netmaths assess content from the mathematics curriculum expectations and are organized by grade and by strand. Students can use Netmaths to self-assess their knowledge of math concepts from the strands and expectations of their grade.

    The exercises are modeled after the sample problems found in the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum Grades 1-8 (2005) document under "Curriculum Expectations for Grades 1-8". All Ontario Mathematics Curriculum documents can be found here.

Introduction Video for Teachers

Demonstration Video

Exploration and General Overview Video


Captures d'écran/Screenshots

Netmaths est un service web interactif. L'interface est non-seulement facile à naviguer, elle est aussi simple et engageant.

Netmaths is an interactive web service with an interface designed for easy navigation with a simple and engaging look to it.

Casse-Têtes (Brain Teasers)

La roue chanceuse - Simulateur de la Roue 3000 (The lucky wheel - Simulator 3000 Wheel)

La Fête Foraine - Les probabilités simulées (Fesitval Foraine - The simulated probability)

Accède au contenu par la table des matières et l'outil de recherche (Access content through the table of contents and search tool)


Rapport individuel de l'élève (Individual Student Report)

Paramètre et interprète le taux de réussite (Sets and interprets the success rate)

Surveille le progrès des élèves (Monitors student progress)

Choisis une activité et visualise l'aperçu des pages (Choose and preview an activity)

Choisis un des sujets principaux (Choose a subject)

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FAQ (Foire aux questions/Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:Comment puis-je accéder Netmaths ? / How do I get access to Netmaths?

R: Visitez le site et suivez les instructions afin de créer votre compte et vos classes. Ensuite, donnez les codes d'activations classes que vous avez obtenus de Netmaths aux élèves et ils créeront leurs comptes au

A: Go to and follow the prompts to create your teacher account and enroll your classes. Netmaths will then give you activation codes for each of your classes. The students will then use these codes to create their student accounts at

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