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Frames 5 is educational software that can be used by students in grades 1 to 12 to explore media literacy concepts in a fun and engaging way. With its easy to use interface and wide range of features, students are given the opportunity to develop and deepen their creative, communication and critical thinking.

Students can work individually or in groups to create original videos or illustrations in many different formats, such as, claymation, cartoon animation, and digital storytelling. Working with images, texts, and sounds will help students engage and explore media literacy in a meaningful way.

 What functions does Frames 5 provide?
  • record their own voice and incorporate it into the animation or video
  • capture images for stop-motion animations and claymation
  • enhance their creative skills through multiple illustration tools
  • save and share projects in various file formats
  • engage in self-expression through digital storytelling on topics that are most relevant to them
  • build collaboration skills as they are able to work in groups on multiple projects

 How can students use Frames 5 to improve media literacy?

To develop media literacy skills, students need the opportunity to analyse and discuss a variety of media texts and relate them to their own personal experiences. With its multiple illustration and animation tools, Frames 5 allows students to use technology to create personal media stories in multiple formats and share with their peers. As students engage in these various media texts, they begin to understanding how media texts are constructed and how they can be effective and influential.

Frames 5 gives students the opportunity to employ different techniques to convey media in ways that will appeal to, and are appropriate for, various audiences. The ability to share projects with other students also provides an opportunity for self-evaluation as students can reflect and compare their work with what others have done.

 How is Frames 5 helpful to teachers in the classroom?

With its collaboration features, teachers can creatively transform their classrooms into an active learning environment suitable for meaningful student engagement. Students can either work together in the classroom environment or in real-time over the computer.

Because Frames 5 provides teachers with a wide range of story telling options (e.g., claymation, stop-motion, animation), they are able to develop creative lesson plans to address key areas of the curriculum. Teachers can go beyond using traditional methods to convey lessons. For example, they can have their students create a claymation video about the water cycle.

 How does Frames 5 connect with Differentiated Intruction?

Frames 5 supports differentiation in the classroom, specifically, with regards to student interest and learning preference. The software provides students with the opportunity to create videos or illustrations on topics that they find most interesting or about their personal experiences. Thus, by giving students creative control over their projects, it ignites their interest and their motivation to learn.

Additionally, the software allows teachers to address multiple intelligences and learning preferences through its simplistic and easy to use interface and wide variety of tools, which gives students the creative licence to create stories at their own pace and understand complex concepts. Teachers can use Frames 5 to engage the entire classroom by modifying projects or lesson plans to meet the needs of different learners.

 How does Frames 5 connect with the Ontario Curriculum?

Frames 5 is primarily used in Language Arts and Visual Arts classes for video presentations and movies. However, it is not limited to these two subjects. It can also be used in other subject areas, such as Math, Science, and Social Studies. For video examples of projects made in Frames 5 for various subjects, see the video tab below.

The following are two documents detailing how Frames 5 can meet the curriculum standards along with some tasks suggestions:


About Frames 5

Sample Work




Click the following link to access tutorials that will help you get started using Frames 5:


Frames 5 provides a wide-range of features to stimulate student creativity. Below are a set of images that capture various examples of how Frames 5 can be used.

Example: Story with Audio Clips

Bluescreen and Chroma Key

Example: Claymation

Example: In-screen animation

Example: Cliparts and Text

Example: Pen Drawing Tool

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I access Frames 5 - Primary for my classroom?

A: Access to Frames 5 is provided through your Operational Contact. To find your Operational Contact, click here and enter your board name.

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