Finale is a musical software package designed to provide users with hundreds of features that make writing music easier and faster. Licensed for students in grades 7-12, Finale allows students to expand their creativity and knowledge of music through the application of variety of tools to create music sheets of their own. Through Finale, students learn to clearly observe and understand theories behind music notations, compositions, and transpositions.

 What functions does Finale provide?

  • Opportunity to compose your own music; ranging from single sheets to full orchestra scores
  • Ability to notate music with a mouse, a computer keyboard, or a MIDI keyboard
  • Experiences with more than 300 real instrument sounds
  • Transpositions and re-makes of pre-existing finale music sheets
  • Opportunity to listen to the sound of your music sheet while writing it
  • Ability to save and share music in audio files (MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc) and as written music (PDF, Finale Files, etc)

 How can students use Finale to enhance their learning?

Students can compose and/or arrange musical works of their preferred style by using many tools provided by Finale. They can experience listening to combination of over 300 instrument sounds which they can incorporate to write music sheets to use for an individual or ensemble performances. This will enhance students' understanding of musical terms and notations, and provide them with an understanding of the creative process involved with making music.

 How is Finale helpful to teachers in the classroom?

Through Finale, teachers can keep students engaged in learning by providing a unique opportunity for students to experience musical technology. Finale also expands on the variety of assignments teachers can assign which effectively reflects their lesson plans by integrating various components of music. These components include theory (notations, transpositions), creativity (compositions), technical skills, etc. For individual assignments, teachers can either use finale assignments to evaluate individual technical notation skills and musical creativity. Through Finale group assignments, teachers can evaluate how students collaborate to incorporate different musical preferences and sounds into a single piece.

 How does Finale connect with Differentiated Intruction?

Teachers will differentiate instruction to address learning needs of students.

  • Student Readiness: Finale offers many online tutorials and video supports to assist first time users of the software. Students who are unfamiliar with musical software may start off by creating single-line music sheets. However, for advanced students, they can incorporate multiple-music lines and instrument sounds to create music scores.
  • Student Interests: Students can compose and/or arrange and perform their own music of interest rather than pre-selected music pieces in the classroom.

 How does Finale connect with the Ontario Curriculum?

Although licensed for grades 7-12, Finale most effectively supports student learning for students in grades 11 and 12 musical studies. It provides the opportunity for students to develop creating and presenting skills and also reflecting, responding and analysing skills.

Finale allows students to identify technological tools that are necessary in organizing and presenting a music production. It can be used to demonstrate an understanding of concepts required in the use of music software, and describe the use of technology in music research, performance, composition, and music distribution.

 How can educators integrate Finale into their teaching practice?


Finale can 'substitute' for physical notation and transposition of music by hand. It 'augments' students' ability to compose or transpose music by offering a wide selection of tools and instruments that enhances students' creativity and experience. Student learning and teaching is 'modified' and 'redefined' as each student is able to use the software to create their personal styles of music with variety of options.



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I use Finale?

A: Please click here to watch free tutorial videos to help you get started
More questions? Click here to access Finale Support

Q: How do I access Finale for my classroom?

A: Access to Finale is provided through your Operational Contact. To find your Operational Contact, click here and enter your board name.

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