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Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board
Improving Student Learning – DI in Mathematics
Teachers planned and implemented strategies to engage student in learning and then reported and shared successful practices.  Samples of student work on differentiated products are featured.
Ottawa Catholic District School Board
Effective Differentiated Instruction within the Professional Learning Cycle
Differentiated instruction is more than just a series of isolated instructional strategies.  Engaging students in the learning process involves presentation, process and product.  The St. Pius X HS team discovered through the professional learning cycle, that the pivotal factor in increasing student achievement is analyzing student work, collecting the data, and determining next steps for students based on this data.  The Pius team has come to understand that if a student has not learned, then we must find another way to teach.  This session will uncover insights and showcase classroom strategies through modelling.

Ottawa Carleton District School Board
A Differentiated Instruction Pilot Project
Using a PLC model, we have three teams working in departments to develop common assessments. Staff is working to create differentiated assessments reflecting key expectations of the curriculum and in alignment with the School Improvement Plan.
Renfrew County Catholic District School Board
Cooperative Learning Techniques for Effective Differentiated Instruction

A key feature of DI is flexible groupings. This feature can be easily embedded into regular classroom practice using cooperative learning techniques that are fun and engaging. In this presentation we share and model techniques we have been encouraging with teachers in our board.
Renfrew County District School Board
Networks Linking Grades 7-8 Teachers With Grade 9 Math Teachers

Teachers at grade 7-8 level are co-planning and collaborating with Grade 9 Math teachers around instructional practice, assessment and evaluation.