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Health and Physical Education, Grade 9 - 12 Web Site

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HPE Curriculum Overview
Slide deck with speaking notes that can be used to increase awareness about major changes in the curriculum, and deepen understanding about the fundamental principles for the curriculum and how they are reflected in practice. From the Spring 2015 curriculum implementation session.
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Bookmark highlighting some of the key components of the curriculum   DOCX PDF

    Planning Worksheet
Organizer to guide learning with the HPE Curriculum Overview slide deck DOCX PDF

Overview of Changes to HPE Curriculum
Summary of key changes to the elementary and secondary HPE curriculum
NEWHuman Development and Sexual Health Education Webinar
Slide deck with speaking notes that can be used to promote a common understanding about the human development and sexual health part of the curriculum – key changes, background information, research and tips for instructional approaches. From the Winter 2016 webinar.

Summaries of Learning—selected topics
Summaries of the focus of learning for key areas within the curriculum.
•  Mental Health and Well-being DOCX PDF
•  Healthy Relationships including Consent DOCX PDF
•  Safe Online Communication, Including Risks of Sexting DOCX PDF
•  Learning about Diversity, including Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation DOCX PDF
Overview of Supports for Curriculum Implementation
Overview of resources to support communication and partnerships between home and school. Includes ordering information for print copies and links to additional resources.
Healthy Living Strand: Key Topics
Chart that provides an overview of the key topics, skills, and concepts addressed in the expectations of the Healthy Living strand. The focus of each expectation is conveyed in just a few words, in order to give teachers an overview of the strand across all grades.
Parent Guides
Resources to help guide discussion and answer questions from parents, available in English, French and 9 other languages. Information is also available on
List of Parent Guides +

•  Parent’s Guide to the HPE Curriculum, Grades 1-12 PDF
•  Grade Specific Guides  
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9-12
•  A Parent’s Guide: Human Development & Sexual Health in the HPE Curriculum, Grades 7-12 PDF

Quick Facts
Resource to help parents understand selected topics. Information is also available on
List of Quick Facts +

• Healthy Relationships and Consent   PDF
• Online Safety, including Risks of Sexting   PDF
• Mental Health   PDF
• Concussions   PDF
• Staying Safe   PDF
• Active Transportation, including Cycling   PDF

Connections to Related Policies and Programs
Samples of how HPE curriculum reflects and supports learning related to ministry policies and initiatives such as equity and inclusive education, mental health, First Nation, Métis and Inuit education and others.
Foundations for a Healthy School
The revised Foundations for a Healthy School resource supports and reflects learning related to HPE curriculum and healthy schools policies, programs and initiatives. 

Ophea is a not-for-profit organization that has resources to support the implementation of curriculum.
Ontario Association for the Support of Physical and Health Educators (OASPHE) is a network of educators that provide support and leadership for health and physical education.
Institute for Catholic Education
The Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) website has resources that support the revised elementary and secondary HPE curriculum in Catholic schools.
Pan Am/Parapan Am Kids
Activity Kit, videos, and physical literacy supports for elementary schools and after-school programs. The Activity Kit includes activity cards related to healthy living and sports/parasports in the Toronto 2015 Games, and an implementation guide.

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Financial Literacy: Secondary Resources Web Page