Establishing and Sustaining an Assessment for Learning Culture through Embedded Professional Learning

Project Overview

Instructional leaders (superintendents, principals, vice principals, teachers) participated in embedded professional learning. The question asked throughout this learning was: How does assessment for learning (AfL), instructional leadership and embedded professional learning build an AfL culture?

Project Theory of Action

If students, teachers and principals develop their competencies in learning, implementing and modelling the core practices of assessment for learning, then we will improve learning for all and learn to be autonomous learners.

If teachers and principals exercise instructional leadership through collaborative actions to improve the quality of teaching and learning, then we will improve the quality of assessment and instruction, empower teachers and principals to learn together, improve student achievement, and sustain an assessment for learning culture in classrooms and schools.

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Building Capacity in Assessment Project: An Introduction   MP4

Learning Reflections   
The “senior staff’ at Superior Greenstone District School Board discuss how they will “learn the work by doing
the work” and how they will model assessment for learning in their board.
System Leader Voices
Shifting to an Assessment for Learning Culture   MP4
Implementing the Assessment Framework   MP4
Listening to Principals to Achieve Alignment   MP4
Shared Instructional Leadership and Collaboration   MP4
Constructing the School Improvement Plan   MP4
Making Thinking Visible with Technology   MP4

Teacher Voices
Teacher Learning Reflections: An Interview   MP4

Models of Implementation in the Classroom   
These videos are examples of teachers modelling assessment for learning in their classrooms.
Assessment for Learning in an Elementary Classroom
An example of Co-Constructing Success Criteria and Providing Descriptive Feedback through Peer and Self-Assessment
Assessment for Learning in a Secondary Classroom
An example of Providing Descriptive Feedback through Peer- Assessment

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