Descriptors – Definitions and Clarifications of Effectiveness

Action Verbs – Associated with the Achievement Charts and Expectations in Ontario Curriculum Policy Documents

Descriptor Definition Clarifying Words or Terms Questions to Consider
 * Effectiveness Having a definite or desired effect; having the intended outcome useful              relevant
explicit             pertinent
Have you produced the desired or intended result?
  • Many of the descriptors below more specifically define effectiveness. Teachers are encouraged to use the more specific clarifying words in task-specific rubrics.
Descriptor Definition Clarifying Words or Terms Questions to Consider
 Appropriateness Suitable to the outcome; to the point relevant             apt
proper               applicable
Have you produced a result that is applicable to the situation?
Is there a result that could be more suitable?
 Clarity Without ambiguity (unambiguous) clear                lucidity
elaborate         define
detail               concise
illustrate          explicit
Could you elaborate further?
Could you express that in another way?
Could you illustrate what you mean?
Could you give me an example?
 Accuracy Conforming exactly with the truth or with a given; standard; lacking errors accurate          true
verify               valid
correct            exact
How could we check that?
How could we find out if that is true?
How could we verify or test that?
 Precision Leaving no room for [uncertainty]

Clearly defined and corresponding to an identifiable notion

Performed or operating in the safest possible manner, with the minimum likelihood of error
detail               specific
degree            exactness
Could you be more specific?
Could you give more details?
Could you be more exact?
 Logic Describing events or data that are heavily interdependent – the conclusion depends on the premises

A coherent progression of ideas; an appropriate reasoning process; a sequence in a group of ideas
make sense
mutually supporting
internal consistency
tied together
Does all this really make sense together?
Does that follow from what you said?
How does that follow?
But before you implied this and now you are saying that; how can both be true?
 Relevance Fit for a purpose; having a bearing on the matter in hand  
Conforming to reason and common sense
pertinent           impact
relatedness      fit
How does this relate to the problem?
How is that connected to the question?
How does that bear on the issue?
 Significance Of great importance or consequence so what?
consequences of
Is this the most important problem to consider?
Is this the central idea to focus on?
Which of these facts are most important?
 Fluency Generating a quantity of ideas; offering many alternatives ease of use
ease of generating
effortless unconstrained
Have many ideas been considered?
Are there other alternatives?
 Flexibility The ability to change direction of thought; to vary ideas adaptable         versatile
 not rigid
Do other factors need to be considered?
 Depth Exploring the very foundations of a thing or idea; going beyond appearances complexity         thorough
sophisticated     intensity
layers                 profound
levels (of understanding)
What factors make this a difficult problem?
What are some of the complexities of this question?
What are some of the difficulties we need to deal with?
Is that dealing with the most significant factors?
 Breadth Freedom from limitations (opinion, interests)

Extent, range
insight                range
perspectives exhaustive
comprehensive qualities
liberality of views
elaborate (ideas, perspectives)
Do we need to consider another point of view?
Do we need to look at this from another perspective?
Is there another way to look at this question?
What would this look like from the point of view of …?