Effective Assessment in Kindergarten

Project Overview
Educators in this project conducted collaborative inquiry to investigate the big question:
How can we embed authentic assessment into play-based learning so that children will be successful, engaged, and independent learners?   They developed specific, focussed inquiry questions related to the Theory of Action and are sharing the results of their ongoing professional learning on this site.

Project Theory of Action
If we:

  • Ensure that students know what it looks like to learn successfully,
  • Provide feedback to help them learn,
  • Model/support opportunities for self-assessment and peer assessment, and
  • Help them set individual goals,

Then our students will be able tobe increasingly independent, self-monitoring learners.

Board Developed Inquiry Questions:

What does authentic assessment look like in a play-based program? PDF

Upper Grand District School Board

Key Learnings   

Changing our assessment beliefs and practices PDF
Impact on Educator Learning PDF
Impact on Student Learning PDF
Graphic representing our current understandings PDF

Learning Artefacts   

How has our inquiry been informed by policy documents and research? PDF
Documentation in Early Childhood Classrooms PDF
Implications for future directions   PDF
Participant Learning: The Inquiry Process PDF
Sample Recording Tools PDF

Educator Reflections   

Overview PDF