Collaborative Inquiry Project –
Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK)
Board-Developed Inquiry Question Board-Developed Inquiry Question

What does authentic assessment look like in a play-based program? 

- Upper Grand District School BoardLearning Goals

Reflecting on the Learning Reflecting on the Learning

Co-creating the panels allowed children to participate and engage in their learning. As one educator stated, "I see the children being the guide. You documented where they need to go or want to go next."

"Through creating the learning goals and success criteria we were able to get a better understanding of the expectations in the Program Document. Having these expectations in our heads allowed us to be more emergent in our planning because we were able to see where and expectation was emerging in the children's work and play."

As one educator noticed, "Now that we are tuned into the learning goals and the observation, you can really see some of the things with kids who have some weaknesses. You see the whole child. For example we noticed that one of our smartest students just can't write things down."

Having two educators in the room makes this type of assessment much easier. As one educator said, "When Laurie is doing the circle I have a clipboard in my hand. When you are up there (teaching) you can't see everything."

Evidence Evidence

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Key Learnings Key Learnings
Assessment is integrated into every aspect of teaching and learning. The observation, the documentation, the assessment and the instruction are happening at the same time. They are not discreet processes.
  • This helped support the inquiry learning because we were able to be more emergent.
  • This enabled us to set up our centres based on our learning goals. This gave children an opportunity to demonstrate their learning.
  • Children were able to demonstrate their learning in different ways at different centres and doing different activities.
  • This enabled the educators to give children more choice because there were many ways to show the learning.