Effective Assessment in Kindergarten

Project Overview
Educators in this project conducted collaborative inquiry to investigate the big question:
How can we embed authentic assessment into play-based learning so that children will be successful, engaged, and independent learners? They developed specific, focussed inquiry questions related to the Theory of Action and are sharing the results of their ongoing professional learning on this site.

Project Theory of Action
If we:

  • Have a clear sense of how to co-construct criteria,
  • Help students to recognize when learning is happening,
  • Design the learning (opportunities/contexts/environment) while reflecting upon assessment information, program expectations and children’s thinking, ideas and interests,
  • Create a learning culture that focuses on children and educators as collaborative partners in the learning, and children are engaged in this collaboration, by having input into learning and documentation of their thinking,
  • Document the learning and use it to help children see where they are in the learning while identifying next steps to further their learning,

Then our children will recognize themselves as learners and become increasingly independent in their learning.

Board Developed Inquiry Questions:
How do we align the components of an effective assessment plan to accurately capture student learning?

Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

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