Descriptive Feedback Video Library

Feedback is information linked to success criteria students and teachers share during learning so that students can close the gap between their current level of performance and the learning goals. 

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Viewing Guide: This viewing guide facilitates learning about the assessment approaches shown in the video, and provides support for trying new practices. It contains references, tools and templates, and should be used in conjunction with the viewing of the video.   PDF
Video Transcript:  
This document contains a transcript of all of the video segments in this series.
Segment 1: Feedback – The Most Powerful Tool
Research has shown that feedback can have powerful positive effects on student learning and engagement.
Segment 2: What Constitutes Effective Feedback?
Not all feedback supports learning. This segment provides information about what makes feedback effective.
Segment 3: Effective Feedback Requires Purposeful Planning
Teachers purposefully plan the critical points at which students receive feedback during the learning, and set aside instructional time for students to act on the feedback with support from the teacher.
Segment 4: Connecting to Learning Goals and Success Criteria
Effective feedback is directly connected to learning goals and success criteria which have been shared and clarified with students.
Segment 5: Using Feedback to Develop Students' Self-Assessment Skills
Teachers use descriptive feedback to help students to become increasingly less dependent on the teacher for feedback, and more able to monitor their own progress and determine next steps.