Supporting Adult Learning

Professional Learning Facilitators support adult learning and build relationships in a number of ways, including

  • set conditions for genuine, trusting relationships in learning teams
  • encourage participants to take intellectual risks in a safe learning environment
  • use skilled facilitation (e.g., protocols, norms) to foster dialogue, explore possibilities,
  • surface and challenge thinking, and develop shared knowledge and commitment
  • promote autonomy, collaboration and networking
  • assess participant readiness, taking into account participant experiences in order to move learning forward

Supporting Adult Learning and Building Positive Relationships
How to Effectively Provide Advice and Influence Others
Behind every successful organization there are committed and persuasive people. However, competing interests and opposing perspectives can lead to individual frustration as well as threaten a group’s overall effectiveness. There is a fine line between the role of an advisor and that of an advocate. Understanding the difference can significantly impact your efficacy. This presentation provides 10 tips that will help you to successfully provide advice and influence others.   For more information please contact the Toronto Catholic District School Board.
Effective Practices - Ottawa Carleton District School Board
OCDSB SEAC has developed a monthly newsletter.
Effective Practices -  Ottawa Catholic School Board
OCSB SEAC in partnership with the Catholic Schools Parent Association and the OCSB Special Education and Student Services Department hosted a face to face and ADOBE Connect meeting for families/community parents to provide information about special education within their school board.
Engaging Parents
This presentation describes the journey to date of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) of the Nipissing – Parry Sound Catholic District School Board to engage parents and further build their capacity to support their child’s learning and development and to provide valuable feedback to Special Education Programs and Services.  NPSC SEAC will share the process of their annual action plan which focuses highly on parent engagement. Best practices such as the annual Carousel Event, Parent Engagement Survey and Roundtable Event will be shared.  In addition, participants will be provided the opportunity to share their best practices on parent engagement in order to promote networking and sharing.
Engaging Parents
Each year Lakehead District School Board (LDSB) SEAC develops an action plan, which includes a focus on parent and community engagement.  SEAC has successfully partnered with PIC and other community groups to host information sessions for parents, staff and community members that highlight current and relevant initiative or topics.  Careful planning, advertising and incentives have resulted in very successful events that not only provide an opportunity to share and network with parents, but also promote an awareness of SEAC, SEAC advocacy, student supports and special education processes.
Individual Education Plans (IEP): A Introduction to IEPs for Students, Parents and Community Partners   PPT
Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO) SEAC Website
LDAO chapters have SEAC representatives and alternates on most of the school boards in the communities they serve. In order to keep LDAO SEAC reps and alternates informed, LDAO produces a SEAC Circular five times a year. Copies of recent LDAO SEAC Circulars, and their supplementary documents are available.
PAAC on SEAC Effective Practices Handbook 2016
A handbook designed for SEAC Members and Alternates who represent local associations and are affiliated with a provincial parent association.

SEAC Brochures
Grand Erie District School Board   PDF
Lambton Kent District School Board   PDF
Ottawa Catholic District School Board   PDF
St Clair Catholic District School Board   PDF
Waterloo Catholic District School Board   PDF
York Catholic District School Board   PDF
SEAC Involvement: Effective Strategies for Parent Engagement in Special Education Programs and Services
SEAC member, staff and trustee will share the collaborative process used to design, develop and execute parent engagement activities.  Timelines, resources needed and outcomes will be shared as the SEAC carries out its priority to enhance family engagement in special education in the Thames Valley District School Board.  From establishing SEAC priorities that align with departmental goals to executing and evaluating the efficacy of our projects, we will share the work of a very active and engaged SEAC. The presentation includes an overview of other initiatives that were undertaken to promote understanding of the role of SEAC and encourage parent engagement and input –including a pilot survey, a central presentation about Individual Education Plans, enhancements to the web based Special Education Plan, and displays at Thames Valley Parent Involvement events.
30 years of Supporting SEACs Across the Province: What We’ve Learned as the Provincial Parent Association Advisory Committee
The Provincial Parent Association Advisory Committee on Special Education Advisory Committees (PAAC on SEAC) has 30 year’s experience building partnerships between provincial associations, the Ministry of Education and local SEACs to support and enhance SEAC effectiveness. PAAC on SEAC members provide context on their role with SEACs across the province and relay the results from their most recent provincial SEAC survey including recommendations, tips, and tools to enhance the capacity of SEAC.
Overview of Policy/Program Memorandum 8 (PPM 8): Identification of and Program Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities    Webinar
"Coming soon"

Integrated Transition Planning for Young People with Developmental Disabilities   PDF

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