Designing Professional Learning Opportunities

Professional Learning Facilitators design professional learning in a number of ways, including

  • use a process for planning professional learning so that it is focused, targeted and effective by addressing the following questions:
    • Who is the participant? (audience)
    • What is the participant expected to know and/or do as a result of the professionallearning? (goals)
    • How will participants learn? What opportunities will be provided to participants? (actions)
    • How will the effectiveness of the professional learning be measured? (evidence/monitoring)

  • draw on research that supports effective implementation of professional learning

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Policy/Program Memorandum 156  (PPM 156): Supporting Transitions for Students with Special Education Needs   PDF
IEP Resource Guide    PDF
Planning Entry to School: A Resource Guide     PDF
Shared Solutions: A Resource Guide PDF
Shared Solutions: A Student and Parent Perspective MP4
Shared Solutions: An Overview PDF
Special Education Resources: An Overview of Special Education Resources for Educators PPT
Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in Mathematics PDF

Board Developed Resources   

The resources in this section were developed by educators across the province to help support students with special education needs. We have included board-developed material on this webpage because they may be of interest to you. Please direct all inquiries and permissions to the specific boards.

Transition Planning
A Guide for Transition Planning: Barrie Region School Boards 
Presentation deck developed by Barrie Region School Boards details the ministry requirements and key elements of the transition planning process.

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