Collaborative Teacher Mini Inquiry:
Putting the “I” in IEP

Project Overview
Educators from  Renfew County District School Board conducted a collaborative inquiry to refine their own knowledge base of developing quality Individual Education Plans (IEPs), and their impact on student learning. They developed a specific, focussed inquiry question related to the Theory of Action and are sharing the  materials of their ongoing professional learning on this site.

Project Theory of Action
If we deepen our understanding of the purpose and requirements for the IEP, then teachers will be increasingly engaged, leading to improved student learning and success.

Board Developed Inquiry Questions:
How can we create better Individual Education Plans to increase student success?

Learning Artefacts   

Collaborative Inquiry Instructional Manual
The professional learning team share details of their inquiry process.
IEP Improvement Resource Package for Educators
Contents in this package include: do’s and don’ts about IEPs, self-assessments, and goal setting tips.
Individual Education Plan Samples
IEP samples based on 2012-2013 IEP for a Grade 8 student with a learning disability.