Quick Facts (pdf)
Sample Plan of Care (website)
Additional Resources:
Managing Asthma in Our Schools (video)
Video Viewer Guide - Managing Asthma in Our Schools (pdf)
Ryan’s Law  (pdf)
Asthma Management In Schools  (pdf)
Sara’s Ready – Preparing For The September Asthma Peak  (pdf)
Breathe Easy: Diagnosis  (pdf)
Breathe Easy: Triggers  (pdf)
Breathe Easy: Allergies  (pdf)
Breathe Easy: Medications  (pdf)
Where to Find More Information:
Asthma Canada  (website)
The Lung Association – Ontario  (website)
•  Lung Health Information Line:1 – 888 – 344 – LUNG (5864)
Ophea - Creating Asthma Friendly Environments  (website)
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