What's Happening in School Boards

In this section, you will find information about school board projects, collaborative inquiry and sharable resources developed to support the use of Learning for All, K-12. If you have any learning stories and resources that you think are appropriate for this section, please contact: Learning4All@edugains.ca

Learning for All K-12 Provincial Network Team MP4

Class/Student Profiles   

Communicator Profiles – Rainbow DSB & Sudbury Catholic DSB PDF
Development and Application of Student Profiles – Dufferin-Peel Catholic DSB, Halton DSB,
Peel DSB
SEF Instructional Core Prism Extension PDF
TARO School Achievement Well-Being-Fishbone Chart PDF
Development and Application of Student Profiles - Teacher-Led Projects
- Dufferin-Peel Catholic DSB, Halton Catholic DSB, Peel DSB
TARO Region  L4All PLC  PDF
TARO L4ALL Implementation Elementary  PDF
TARO L4ALL Implementation Secondary  PDF
Student Profiles for Diverse Learners -  Bloorview School Authority PDF
Including Analysis of Student Profiles in Transition Planning - Upper Grand DSB PDF
Deepen Understanding of Student Profiles – Peel DSB PDF
Play-based Learning Observation Tracking Tool & Student Profiles and Transition Planning
- Rainy River DSB & Lakehead DSB

Knowing the Learners   

Building a Community of Literacy Learners - Sudbury Catholic DSB PDF
Supporting Students with Mild Intellectual Disability or Slow Learner Profiles
- Ottawa Catholic DSB
Ottawa CDSB Supporting Slow Learner PPT PDF
7 Strategies for Highly Effective Support PDF
7 Strategies for Highly Effective Support Bookmark PDF
L4All Tip of the Month - November PDF
Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in Mathematics - Ottawa Catholic DSB PDF
Supporting Transitions - Durham Catholic DSB & York Region DSB PDF
Transition Support Brochure PDF
Create and Personalize the Conditions for Improved Student Well-being and Achievement
- Dufferin-Peel Catholic DSB
Updating IEP Template and Process - Toronto Catholic DSB PDF
Developing Effective IEPs and Transition Plans for Secondary Students and Supporting Effective Use of Technology - Rainbow DSB PDF

Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction   

DI and Modifications & High Needs Coordinators in Secondary Schools
- Ottawa Catholic DSB & Hastings Prince Edward DSB
Assistive Technology Supporting Identified Students - Rainbow DSB PDF
Teacher Capacity and Self-Efficacy in Digital Learning - Rainy River DSB PDF
Building Capacity for Students and Educators in Application of Assitive Technology
- Rainy River DSB

The Tiered Approach   

Fostering Student Independence, An Educator’s Guide – Barrie Region School Boards PDF
Personal and Social Development K-12, Alternative Curriculum Expectations (ACE), Assessment Companion Tool (ACT) - Durham Catholic DSB PDF
Alternative Curriculum Expectations (ACE) PDF
Assessment Companion Tool (ACT) PDF
Four Cornerstones to Literacy Success - York Region DSB PDF
A Comprehensive Continuum of Interventions to Promote Positive Behaviour - Lakehead DSB PDF

Research to Practice   

Improving Reading Skills of At-risk Students in Grade 2 -  Hastings Prince Edward DSB PDF
Implementation Science Research Project - Getting from Here to There: Program Selection, Implementation and Assessment - London Regional Special Education Council  
2010-11 PDF
2011-13 PDF
L4All Framework Jan2013 PDF
RSEC Final Report PDF
2013-14 PDF
Final Summary Report PDF
Summary Booklet PDF

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