Observation and Documentation

Observation and Documentation   Documentation is the process that allows “pedagogy of listening” to be placed and held for consideration by others; it lifts thinking out of the stream of lived experience in education and makes it visible.
(Carol Anne Wien, 2008)

Please see below to access resources and materials designed to support educators to develop an effective observation and documentation program.

Video Series   
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Observation and Documentation   MP4
Introduction   MP4
What can observation and documentation look like and sound like?   MP4
How are educator teams rethinking ways of observing and documenting, and analyzing the documentation?   MP4
The power of documentation: FDELK teams reflect on how they work together to use observation and analysis of documentation to plan learning.   MP4
How do the observations inform learning?   MP4
What practices related to observing and documenting and analysing documentation are educator teams repeating?
The FDELK teams are incorporating the Principles of Universal Design  for Learning (EDL) and Differentiated Learning
Making thinking and learning visible: the importance of listening to children.   MP4
How does listening inform learning and make it visible? How do children co-construct the learning?   MP4
Reflections on documenting learning and making learning visible.   MP4
Listening in on children's reflections and classroom documentation.   MP4
Reflections on a journey: documenting and making learning visible.   MP4
Engaging families in observation, documentation and making learning visible.   MP4
One parent's reflection on how learning is made visible through documentation.   MP4
How will your educator teams make thinking and learning visible through observation and documentation?   MP4

This document contains a transcript of all of the video segments in this series.
Viewer Guide
Viewer Guide includes descriptions of the videos and reflective questions for before, during and after viewing.