Numeracy through the Day

Numeracy through the Day   Math can be seamlessly integrated into children’s ongoing play and activities. But this usually requires a knowledgeable adult who creates a supportive environment and provides challenges, suggestions, tasks and language.”
(Samara & Clements, Building Blocks,
 2009,  p. 332-333)

Please see below to access resources and materials designed to support educators to engage numeracy through the day.

Video Series   
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Numeracy through the Day   MP4
Introduction   MP4
Thinking About Numeracy Throughout the Day   MP4
How are educator teams rethinking the multiple opportunities to make mathematics thinking and learning visible? Numeracy as a whole class community.   MP4
Why Remove the Calendar Routine? One Educator Team's thinking and connections to the FDELK document.   MP4
Making Mathematic Thinking and Learning Visible Throughout the Day   MP4
Prompting Children's Mathematical Thinking   MP4
Engaging in Children's Play to Make Mathematics Learning Visible   MP4
Mathematics in Inquiry – Responding to Children's Ideas   MP4
How are educator teams analysing their observations and documentations to inform learning?   MP4
Co-constructing Learning   MP4
Children learning from and with each other   MP4
Reflections on making numeracy visible and intentional based on observations   MP4
How will your educator teams make thinking and learning visible in Numeracy embedded throughout the day?   MP4

This document contains a transcript of all of the video segments in this series.
Viewer Guide
Viewer Guide includes descriptions of the videos and reflective questions for before, during and after viewing.