The Learning Environment

The Learning Environment   The learning environment is often referred to as the “third teacher” because when carefully designed it supports and enhances children’s learning and their development of self-regulation competencies.

Please see below to access resources and materials designed to support educators to create an effective learning environment.

Video Series   
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The Learning Environment   MP4
Introduction   MP4
What do early learning environments look like and sound like?
How are educator teams rethinking the learning environment?
Rethinking the learning environment and the impact on learning.
Rethinking the learning environment: what are educator teams removing?
The physical space.
Rethinking the learning environment: what materials are educator teams removing?   MP4
Thinking about elements to repeat in the environment.   MP4
Thinking deeply about the learning environment - planning the materials and spaces to make learning visible.   MP4
Co-constructing and negotiating the learning environment – including the children's voices and ideas.   MP4
How will your educator teams make thinking and learning visible through the learning environment?   MP4

This document contains a transcript of all of the video segments in this series.
Viewer Guide
Viewer Guide includes descriptions of the videos and reflective questions for before, during and after viewing.